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Hello, I’m Kat – professionally, an illustrator and designer, and personally, an artist, mother, caretaker, and curious soul. I’ve called the southwestern United States home since 2012, specifically New Mexico since 2016. A wanderer and wonderer at heart, I draw immense inspiration from the natural world, particularly its interconnected nature. My purpose here is to listen, learn, and build bridges where possible. Exploring the literal links within ecologies and our roles in them, as well as the subtle, mostly invisible ties connecting all life and the cosmos, captivates me. I’m deeply passionate about how humans engage with the more-than-human world, and you’ll find much of that curiosity reflected in my art. I value form and function, and clear communication, and I believe that our stories have the power to shift hearts and paradigms.

As a graphic designer, I am passionate about helping small businesses and individuals tell their stories with a beautiful logo system and assets. I am still working with select clients for graphic design work. If you are interested in my services for this, please reach out to see if we're a match.

Expect to see more art, and more surface pattern design in the near future!

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